How to copy Scarlett Johansson’s auburn hair colour

How to copy Scarlett Johansson’s auburn hair colour

Scarlett Johansson’s ditched her play-safe blonde (and sometimes brunette) hair and gone full-on auburn. Here’s our 4-step guide to nailing this hidden-gem hair colour, courtesy of celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham, who is also Redken’s creative consulant for colour.

“This is a really nice alternative to regular blonde and brunette shades as it’s a mix of the two. It makes hair look shiny, vibrant and super-glam,” says Cunningham. 

1. The shade name game  

According to Cunningham (who, by the way, absolutely hearts this colour), in order to be Scarlett’s colour-copy, you need to ask your colourist for, “a warm auburn brunette shade with a warm base and mostly dark tones." 

2. The gloss factor 

“It looks as though Scarlett’s colourist has used a colour gloss to create vibrancy and shine,” explains Cunningham. Using this colouring technique will enrich and refresh your natural colour (thus preventing fade) and give the colour and shine a turbo-boost, all without changing the natural pigments. Genius! 

3. Forget fade 

To maintain your fab new hair colour, Cunningham recommends you use a protective shampoo and conditioner. Try Redken’s new Color Extend Range, which contains anti-fade UV filters and colour-boosting conditioning silicones, or the L’Oreal Paris Elvive’s Colour Protect range. Cunningham also recommends you pop to your salon four-weeks after the initial colour for a demi-permanent glossing treatment. 

4. Warning 

“If you’re a blonde and you go for this auburn colour and don’t like it, it will take some time for your colourist to bring you back to your natural locks,” she warns. Luckily for brunettes, stripping the colour out isn’t so tricky. The moral of the story: consider before you colour. 

Expert tip: If you’re a blonde you need to be prepared to spend the day at the salon. Your colourist will have to build the colour back into your blonde locks which will be time-consuming. If you’re a brunette, you’re the opposite. Your colourist will have to strip the dark shades naturally found in your hair and lighten them up with auburn tints.

By Alice Ripman 

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