How to copy Rachel McAdams's cute curls

How to copy Rachel McAdams's cute curls

Here’s how celebrity hairdresser Danilo styled Rachel McAdams for The Time Traveler’s Wife premiere…


Rachel McAdams chose a feminine and soft style for the premiere of her newest flick, The Time Traveler’s Wife. “The inspiration for this hairstyle was Rachel’s outfit,” explains her stylist, Danilo. “The plunging gown she wore meant that her hair would have to be quite feminine so I opted for tousled curls.” Here’s how to do it in four easy steps…

1. Condition

“First, I would recommend treating your hair to a mask like Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Intensive Mask,” advises Danilo. “This is my secret to a red carpet finish as it smoothes the hair leaving it looking beautiful.”

2. Inject volume

After applying a mousse, Danilo creates even more volume by blow-drying with a big round bristle brush while “tossing hair back and forth to optimize the volume at the roots.”

3. Get the parting right

To stop this style looking too girly, Danilo parted Rachel’s hair very deep at the side. To get it exactly right, it’s best to part using a comb with a pintail end.

4. Curl and Set

Mist each section of hair with hairspray and spiral set the hair by twisting each section around your finger and pinning the end to your scalp. “The best way to set hair is away from the parting and then pin the curl under,” explains Danilo. Once set, brush it through gently for a sexy undone finish. 

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By Donna Francis


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