How to apply eyeliner like a pro

How to apply eyeliner like a pro

Sharpen up: here’s how Keira Knightley’s make-up artist creates her three signature liner looks.


Eyeliner is one of the first things Kate Lee whips out of her kit when she works her make-up wizardry on Keira Knightley. “Liner is essential for red-carpet looks, be it cream, liquid or pencil, because it can add definition to the eye, make lashes appear thicker and eyes look larger,” Lee explains. For peeper perfection in the blink of an eye, follow the eye-enhancing tricks she keeps up her sleeve.

1.    Feline smoke
To go to the dark side like Keira, black kohl is a must. “Apply it along the upper lashes and blend it outwards into a winged shape with a stubby, round brush to extend the eyes and make them look bigger. Then do the same with the lower lash line,” explains Lee. “For more drama, you can add kohl inside the eye.”

2.    Underline
“Using more liner on the bottom lid and keeping the top clear is a great way to add dimension and open the eye,” says Lee, who suggests running the pencil just along the lower lash line, then smudging the pencil line out with a brush. To finish, line the inner rims to make the whites of your eye pop.

3.    Root boost

To create the illusion of fuller lashes, Lee suggests getting to grips with gel liners. “They are really easy to use, but you need to work quickly,” says the pro, who recommends using a short-haired angle brush to push the product into the lash line, so it almost disappears. For a softer version, use a brown or grey shade.

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