Glitter Lips: This Is Why You Have To Try This Super Hot Makeup Trend

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Like ruby slippers for your face, this is how to do red glitter lips with makeup pro Lisa Potter-Dixon…


Glitter lips are SO hot right now, it’s insane.

Shimmying their way down SS17 runways everywhere, they’re the glitziest beauty trend to hit high fashion since Dolce’s embellished headphones.

Adding a serious hit of disco ball glam to DKNY’s edgy urban sportswear-inspired show and adorning Bella and Gigi’s pouts at Fendi’s candy-cute meets geometric futuristic show, glitter lips were officially everywhere. Don’t even get us started on Atelier Versace’s ruby slipper lips. We die.

Backstage Pat McGrath used her own Lust 004 glitter lip kit (if you haven’t checked it out yet, where have you been?!) which stormed Instagram with everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Naomi Campbell rocking the sparkletastic look.

Whilst it’s hard to dispute that a touch of glitter can improve just about anything, this trend did leave us with some initial reservations. Is a glittery lip too bold for a Saturday night in Soho? How does it even stay on? Will I end up with glitter floating in my cocktail?

Worry not - we’ve rounded up our top five lip glitters of the moment AND enlisted the help of make up aficionado Lisa Potter-Dixon for some expert application advice to now there's no reason not to get involved!


The Product: Topshop Lip Kit, in Clearly Misunderstood, £18

Good For: All you need in once place. This cute little tin includes a liquid lipstick, lip liner, lip mattifier and the glitter which can all be used individually as well!

Barry M

The Product: Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Yellow Gold, £4.59

Good For: Subtle shimmer. (And bedazzling on a budget.)


The Product: MAC Glitter in Lavender 3D, £16

Good For: Channeling your inner unicorn. It's glitter, it's lavender and it's holographic. Need we say more?


The Product: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitter in Coffee, £11

Good For: Giving your 90's inspired brown lip a sparkly upgrade.

Glitter Lips

The Product: Glitter Lips in Sparkling Rosé, £12.50
Good For: The best range of colour options.

So, now you've got your shades sorted, makeup pro and all round gorgeous gal Lisa Potter-Dixon shows you how to get your glitter on...

1. First things first, you need your lipstick base. For a deep ruby lip go for a dark red base but for a brighter red try an orange toned lipstick and apply generously!
We used… Benefit They’re Real lipstick in Flame Game.

2. Glitter needs glue. DON’T use PVA, a clear gloss will do the trick. Apply all over your lips.

3. Take a pot of fine red glitter (ideally makeup glitter rather than craft glitter which can feel a little sharp!) and using a lip brush dab onto your lips, starting in the centre.

4. Use masking tape to remove any glitter that’s gone astray and neaten up the edges of your snazzy pout.

5. Use concealer to create a super sharp edge to your glitter lips. We used… Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, £20.50

And you’re done! The most fabulous perfect party glitter lips.


Hi, I'm George, and this week I'm joined by the lovely Lisa Potter-Dixon. And today we're doing glitter lips. We are indeed, I'm actually gonna do a red glitter lip. So great. So festive. More Christmas is more. Exactly. We're also gonna have two very good friends of ours for this, and they are called masking tape. And tissue and I'm gonna get you to apply your lipstick. Okay. Yeah, so apply it to that the little tip of it is at the outer edge, that's it. Okay. So put that orange lipstick on and really pile it on, try not to laugh. I'm gonna put a bit of clear gloss on first. Very serious, okay. Be very serious, so we're just gonna use a little bit of clear gloss over the top of the lipstick. And this is gonna be like our glue for the glitter. I am trying to concentrate so much. Don't be nervous. So just a bit of clear gloss all over your lips like this, okay. And the good thing is if you go, if any of the glitter drops or you go outside the lip line, don't worry we're gonna fix that afterwards. Okay I'm gonna grab that glitter. It's so great. It's so glittery. So, I'm just using a lip brush. I'm dipping it into the glitter and then just going to start patting it on. Really importantly you use a brush. Don't use your fingers because, you want to be really precise. You see how it's starting, you know, part of the lip. We're going to move outwards. That gives you a little bit more control when starting on the edge. [MUSIC] My god. You're never gonna wanna take this off. I feel weirdly like I'm kinda post-surgery. [LAUGH] Remove the beard! So what I'm going to do now is take the masking tape, and it's really important to use masking tape and not cello tape cuz cello tape can be a bit harsh. Bit harsh. Don't wanna give yourself a chin wax while you're there. No you don't. [LAUGH] So what I actually do is take it and then a few times on the hand just to take off a bit of the stickiness. And then, anywhere that you need to remove the glitter, [MUSIC] I was telling [UNKNOWN] that my cat rolled in glitter that I spilled the other day. And ate some of it. That's my dog licked some of it,walking around with a glittery tongue. He's fine, don't panic. But don't try masking tape for cats. That doesn't look quite as well. Just a, A human glitter. And then to finish, I'm gonna conceal around the lips, just to make them pop even more. And this is when you'd put your foundation on, if that's what you were. My God, it's so great. So what you're gonna need, a few top tips. Think I was told all night, and dont get kissing anyone and leave the weasel type because everyone will know it was you. Because everyone want to kiss you. Yes she the glitter will transfer. Look how gorgeous that looks. That is amazing, and what we say as well is the rest of the makeup just of kind of a real jewel base of part of scar on her and good blouse. You really don't need anything else apart from that. Yeah. Nothing else. Exactly maybe some glittery shoes to match, but. Dorothy shoes. Yeah. Yeah. How to get it. Well it looks amazing.
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