Get the Erdem tousled tail hairstyle

Get the Erdem tousled tail hairstyle

Seen on the Erdem catwalk, the tousled tail is this season’s must-try hairstyle. We show you how to work it with Charles Worthington creative stylist Marc Trinder’s hair how-to…

With celebs including Diane Kruger and Blake Lively championing the messier, more edgy hairstyles, try out the look for yourself with the help of Charles Worthington’s creative stylist Marc Trinder, who created the tousled tail for the Erdem AW11 catwalk.

Hair how-to:

1. Apply Front Row Blow Dry Spray liberally through out the hair, concentrating at the roots.

2. Spray either Front Row Blonde or Brunette Dry Shampoo on the underneath of the hair and throughout the roots.

3. Blast excess dry shampoo away with a hairdryer.

4. Use a large tong to roughly tong the ends and create a bend in a couple of sections.

5. Gently back brush the roots on the top section then use a smooth flat brush and brush the hair into a tight ponytail at the nape of the neck and divide into two sections.

6. Fish tail braid the ponytail keeping tight at the neck – you take a small section from underneath of one side and join it over to the inside of the section, repeat this until you reach the bottom and secure with a small clear band.

7. Now pull small random pieces of fine hair away from the braid as well as hair around the face and the hairline.

8. Spray a light coating of Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray into your hands and smooth over your hair, to add texture and control without making the look sticky.

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