Get SJP's elegant look

Get SJP's elegant look

Sarah Jessica Parker looks the picture of sophistication with this understated sultry look. Learn how to emphasize blue eyes and keep your skin looking fresh with our step-by-step guide to SJP’s make-up style.

Make-up artist Lauren Hersheson's top tips on getting SJP's peachy skin and bright eyes:

1. SJP’s dazzling eyes have been achieved by using gorgeous peachy, creamy tones as they complement the blue in her eyes.

2. For a slightly more mature, possibly dryer skin tone, Armani’s Designer foundation gives amazing coverage but is moisturising enough that it doesn’t sit on the surface.

3. Her eyes have been given a soft smokey feel by applying a neutral colour in the crease and just above such as MAC’s Wedge eyeshadow with a slightly more intense colour on the eyelid such as their Knight Divine.

4. Use a black eyeliner on the upper lash line to create some definition, followed by a ton of black mascara.

5. To help create the intensity with the eyes, put a tiny amount of foundation over your lips and you will instantly see how they pop out from your face more. Finish with a gorgeous natural peachy colour such as Chanel’s Pure Shine Long Wear Lipgloss in Genie.




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