Get Rihanna's glamazon Grammys look

Get Rihanna's glamazon Grammys look

Rihanna's make-up artist Karin Darnell shows you how to recreate the look she created for Rihanna at the Grammys 2011...

Karin Darnell shares how she created Rihanna's stunning red carpet make-up...

"I loved the Grammys red carpet look this year! I love it because I was trying something different again. I like to use products in unusual ways, i like to explore products from an artist's point of view rather than just for normal made-for-use."

Karin's how-to:

1. This time I shaped and highlighted the eye, especially the eye lid with an Estee Lauder brush on illuminator called ideal light. It changed the shape of the lid brilliantly - i love the Grammys look for that alone.

2. I then used a warm claret/orange colour a mix of two pallettes by D&G evocative and petal with a warmth of rosebud blush to blend in the socket line to compliment Rihanna's newer rust red hair.

3. The eyes were fairly simple and understated, so I emphasised the lash by using several coats of Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara - I love the bulb shaped applicator, it allows more control.

4. I kept the eyebrows understated too to emphasise the lash all the more, this kept the look modern.

5. The cheeks were warm and I love the Blush Wine by Shu Uemura and Tuscan Sunset by Le Metier de Beaute and Dolce and Gabbana's Rosebud Blusher is my colour of the season.

6. Lips were strong but soft in application, a definitely softly applied, Tom Ford's Bruised Plum is a great claret colour with a flattering dark plum pink richness too. Strong but soft."

Karin Darnell

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