Get Rachel Bilson's fresh-faced glow

Get Rachel Bilson's fresh-faced glow

Rachel Bilson was fresh-faced and glowing at the Waiting for Forever premiere. Read on to recreate her look...

Top make-up artist Lauren Hersheson's make-up guide to getting Rachel Bilson's fresh-faced premeiere look:

1. To create Rachel's defined eye use Dior's 2 Colour High Contrast Eye Shadow in 695 Bronzy Look. Use the lighter colour all over the eyelid and using Armani's Large Eye Blender Brush shade this colour into the crease and a touch above it towards the outside edge of the eye.

2. Then use a dark brown or black eye pencil along the upper lash line, creating a slightly thicker line towards the outside edge. On the lower lash line take the pencil inside the lash line to add intensity.

3. Next, use the darker colour in Dior's palette to lay over the pencil which helps to hold the pencil colour in place and depending on how strong you want the eyes you can add a little to the crease.

4. Finish the eyes by adding a couple of layers of black mascara.

5. For the cheeks use Sisley's Phyto Blush Éclat in Mango Duo on the apples of the cheeks.

6. And finally, add Armani's Silk Lipstick in No.22 to the lips.

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