Get Olivia Palermo’s side plait hairstyle

Get Olivia Palermo’s side plait hairstyle

Olivia Palermo’s hair stylist reveals how to achieve the style maven’s on-trend side rope plait at home…

Whether it’s hair, fashion or beauty, Olivia Palermo is always on trend and the side rope plait that the New York stylista tried out while in Liverpool has had us all trying to replicate it. We caught up with Ms Palermo’s hair stylist, Mark Woolley, to find out just how easy it really is to recreate…


- Take a paddle brush and comb through the hair, killing any static.

- Most rope plaits are worn to one side so make sure to have all the hair moving in the same direction and fasten with a nylon band where you want the plait to sit. Then hide the nylon band by taking a small section of hair and wrapping it around the pony. Fasten with a curby grip and a small amount of hairspray.

- Creating this look is all about texture so don't let it look too sleek. Add a small amount of hairspray but from a distance so as not to stick the hair together. Then use a paddle brush to gently backcomb the top of the hair. This will give the undone, effortless look that’s the difference between catwalk and wedding hair!

- To create the rope plait take the ponytail and simply split into three sections. With each section add a little bit of spray again from a distance, and backcomb. This doubles the thickness of the hair. Then simply plait the hair as normal.

- On completing the plait hold the end in place and brush over in the opposite direction with a bristle brush.

- When you get to the end of the plait, don't tie a band around it. Instead create a stopping point by backcombing the end with a tail comb to finish the rope-like look.

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