Get Jessie J's bright and bold look

Get Jessie J's bright and bold look

Make-up artist to the stars Karin Darnell gives you step-by-step tips on how to get Jessie J's colourful look...

Karin Darnell reveals how she created this wow-worthy look for Jessie J's Comic Relief performance:

Karin says: "For Jessie J the looks are endless, strong and fun! She looked great for her Comic Relief performance, it was a fun night and the look needed to be impact-full as the clothes were more understated.

"I loved it - back to the 80s in some ways, so many colours on the face; bold eyes - but with a feminine softness too with the blush and total drama on the lips!"

Karin's get the look:

1. I did a mixture of purple, gold and then a blue eyeliner all on the eyes at once - a combination you would normally avoid, as being 'too much' but it came together with ease and perfectly.

2. The deep purple Nars eyeshadow was applied to the eye socket and blended with a lilac. The wonderful gold shimmer by Estee Lauder was applied to the lid, and a light turquoise blue pencil eyeliner applied. This I enhanced with a turquoise glitter, to bring an added texture and make the look pop!

3. I cemented this with black MAC Smoulder eyeliner inside the eyes and added a huge lash in MAC 35.

4. The blusher was the 'look', a soft but pigmented Nars pink all around the top cheek and temple which softened the look of intense eyes against the blunt cut black bobbed hair. The key is in the hair - a blonde couldn't do this so well.

5. The lips were a very dark claret colour, Rebel by MAC is a great shade, with a very slight berry gloss to the middle of the lips.

Karin Darnell

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