Get Jennifer Lopez's frosted eyes

Get Jennifer Lopez's frosted eyes

Find out how get Jennifer Lopez's gorgeous icy eyeshadow look with our expert make-up guide...

Top make-up artist Lauren Hersheson's make-up guide to getting Jennifer Lopez's frosted look:

Jennifer has gone for more of a statement look with the eyes which beautifully offsets her earrings.

1. To get this silvery eye take the NARS duo eye palettes Underworld and use the silvery colour as your base.

2. Then take a small eye brush and use the darker colour along the lash line and wok a little in the crease before using a blending brush such as Armani's Large Eye Blender Brush to blend the product outwards towards the outside edge of the crease.

3. Next take a soft black pencil and line just the upper lash line before blending this too. Mix the darker eye shadow with the black eye pencil to create the definition along the lash line and in the crease.

4. Add several coats of YSL's new mascara, Noir Radical.

5. To give the eyes extra pop, apply a set of false lashes- preferably some that are thicker towards the outside edge of the eye such as Eylure Girls Aloud Kimberly Lashes. To create a clean lash line use a black liquid liner over the join from eye to lash.

6. Use a peachy coloured cream blusher on the apples of the cheeks- I like By Terry's Blush Veloute in Peach Nude which you also add to the lips too.

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