Get Ella Henderson’s X-Factor hairstyle

Get Ella Henderson’s X-Factor hairstyle

Official X Factor hairdresser, Jamie Stevens, shows us how to achieve Ella’s dishevelled braided updo…

Despite shocking the nation with her exit from the show last week, X-Factor finalist Ella Henderson did at least make a fabulous exit. If, like us, you loved her braided hairstyle, follow the easy steps below to create her stunning hairstyle at home…

- Create a slightly off-centre parting.

- Section off from one side of the parting round to the ear, following up to the crown.

- Run through some TRESemme Split Mend Sealing Serum through the hair for a smooth finish and then French braid each side from parting to crown and tie with thin elastics.

- Leaving out an inch back from the braid and an inch up from the nape, tie the rest including the braids into a ponytail, securing with a bungee.

- Tong the hair in the ponytail, spraying with medium hold hairspray onto each section.

- Once tonged, back push each curl with fingers to create fatter curls and texture.

- Pin the hair randomly around the ponytail to create a dishevelled up-do shape.

- Once finished tong the hair outside of the ponytail and then brush through to create a wave.

- Pin this loosely to the rest of the shape to maintain height at the front.

- Finish with TRESemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Hairspray to hold.

By Bernadette Cornish


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