Get Cameron Diaz’s effortless up-do

Get Cameron Diaz’s effortless up-do

Find out how to create an effortless up-do a la Cameron Diaz at Gambit premiere

We’ve always been a fan of Cameron Diaz’s easy-going red carpet style and the effortless up-do created by Pureology Ambassador and hair-stylist-to-the-stars George Northwood for the London premiere of Gambit perfectly captured the A-lister’s spirit.

We caught up with George Northwood to find out the five easy steps to recreate the look at home:

- Section off the fringe and run Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier Mousse through the mid-lengths and ends to give guts, body and texture to the hair. Rough dry and use your fingers to bring out natural texture of the hair.

- Blow-dry the fringe forward with a small round ceramic brush, rounding at the end to create a soft edge. Part the fringe where desired but keep in mind that deep side partings are on-trend and help to frame the face.

- Spray Redken Quick Tease throughout the roots but avoiding the fringe, which is kept flat, and lightly tease and backcomb the hair with a comb.

- Pull the hair into a pony then twist it on itself and wrap it into a bun. Grip and pin into place around the outside of the bun, pulling out tendrils around the face.

- Finish with a mist of Pureology Colourstylist Strengthening Control Hairspray and rough up the style a bit for a tousled finish.

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