Four steps to the perfect pedicure

Four steps to the perfect pedicure

It's time to bare those tootsies ladies and if you're afraid of revealing less than perfect toes and feet, follow our expert guide on pedi perfection.

1. Soak and Scrub

Pop your feet in a tub of warm water with a splash of Margaret Dabb's Hydrating Foot Soak, £20 at and relax till the skin's softened. Exfoliate rough patches with Liz Earle's new Foot Scrub £10  which contains natural pumice and avacado oil to smooth and soften.

Expert Tip: For very tough tootsies expert pedicurist Margaret Dabbs recommends foot filing on dry skin before bathing 'It gives better results than on wet skin, and the results will be long lasting." she says. Try Space NK's foot file

2. Shape

Pat feet dry and apply a cuticle cream around the base and sides of your toenails and leave for five minutes. Gently use a hoof stick to push back cuticles then cut or file your nails straight across.

Expert Tip: "File from edge to middle but avoid over-rounding the edges to prevent ingrown toenails," says nail technician Leighton Denny whose celeb rosta includes Dita Von Teese.

3. Moisturise

A good moisturiser is essential; the award-winning Barielle Total Footcare Cream, £16 is a beauty industry favourite and is on Jennifer Lopez's must-have list.

Expert Tip: Before bedtime, smooth some nourishing oil into the feet - Dr Alkaitis's Organic Oil £58.75 is an intensive treat and very effective. Pop on a pair of cotton socks and wake up with super smooth feet!

4. Polish

Base coat is an essential, not an option. Follow with colour; a stroke of polish centre nail and then one either side without touching the cuticle. Apply top coat and leave to dry for 20mins. Top up your final coat every 2 - 3 days.

Expert Tip: To help your polish stick to your nails, Marian Newman advises; "Wipe the nails over with conditioner free remover will remove any oil and help polish stick to the nail base."

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