Four steps to Emma Watson’s grown-up up-do

Four steps to Emma Watson’s grown-up up-do

Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson turned heads at the rainy London premier with a grown-up up-do (thank god for the umbrella!), courtesy of hair stylist Neil Moodie. Read on to find out how to recreate her look, red ribbon and all.

1. Prep 

Hair stylist to the stars Neil Moodie rough-dried Emma’s hair after spritzing it with some Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray

2. Texture

Next, he took the WAM 28mm Curling Iron and curled random sections of Emma’s hair, from mid-lengths to ends. “This created texture and movement,’ says Moodie. He then tied a small braid on each side of her head, securing each one with an elastic.

3. Pin 

After backcombing the hair at Emma’s crown to create more texture, he took 2cm-wide sections of hair and began pinning them up. To keep the look ‘homemade’ and ‘not too perfect,’ he pinned the hair diagonally across her head, pinning sections from the right to the left and vice a versa. “Be prepared for lots of pins,” he warns.  


For the finishing touch, Moodie took a very long piece of red cord and wrapped it around the front of her head to underneath the nape of her neck. “I then wrapped it around her head a second time, this time a little further back, before knotting it underneath the hair at the nape of her neck,” he says.  

Expert tip: Create a wispy romantic texture by pulling some flyaways out at the sides.  

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By Alice Ripman 


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