Five top summer skincare tips

Five top summer skincare tips

Prep your skin for the warmer season with our quick and easy summer beauty skincare tips…

Despite the somewhat unpredictable weather, the warmer months call for a change-up in your summer skincare beauty regime. From adding a higher SPF to opting for a lighter moisturiser, here are our quick and easy tips to detoxing and de-stressing skin.

1. Switch up your moisturiser

As the weather starts to get warmer, your skin's needs will change. Thicker creams which have seen you through the winter months become harder for skin to absorb. Make the switch and change these up for a lighter formula or emulsion which will give skin the hydration and moisturisation it needs, without over-saturation or overloading.  

If you have oiler or combination skin types, remember to add in an oil-balancing product to avoid a greasy finish to skin.

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2. Up your SPF

To give skin the best protection from the sun, go for a moisturiser which carries at least SPF 15, which is ideal for everyday use. For fairer skin, you may wish to top this up with additional sunscreen or opt for a moisturiser with a higher SPF.

If you know you're likely to spend the day outside, always carry sunscreen with you and top up every few hours - in particular sensitive-to-sun areas such as the nose and lips.

While most of us do our best to protect our faces from the sun, a survey has revealed that only 37% of us who apply sunscreen properly to their skin also used lip protection. Lips are particularly important to protect as they have no melanin, which means they are more prone to sun damage. Avoid wrinkles, premature ageing and excessive sun exposure by investing in a lip balm that has an indicated SPF 15 or higher.

InStyle loves Sisley Super Stick Solaire SPF 30 - This tinted formula moisturises and hydrates skin, while acting as a barrier to harmful rays.

Jurlique Rose Cleanser Summer Skincare

3. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

To avoid blocked pores and breakouts, a good cleansing regime is vital to keep skin balanced and purified. Make sure to remove all make-up and perspiration built up during the day by giving skin a thorough cleanse at night and add an exfoliator to remove dead surface skin cells. Add a toner to remove any residue left and to rebalance skin. Repeat cleansing in the morning before applying any make-up.

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4. Treat yourself to a facial

Kick start your summer skincare regime by treating your skin to a facial to detox, purify and hydrate.

With a huge variety of different facials on offer, it can be tricky to decide on which type to go for. Assess what it is you want to achieve from the facial, such as anti-ageing, tackling redness, dryness, or just a more general skin servicing.

For a more natural and bespoke facial, InStyle recommends top skincare therapist Amanda Lacey, whose unique treatments are tailored to meet all skin types and needs. Working out of her Chelsea home, one of the industry's best kept secrets and with over 20 years of experience, Amanda does a full skin assessment before starting treatment, and uses her own unique blend of natural oils to help calm and nourish skin, while purifying, hydrating and rebalancing.

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Summer skincare tips Oils of Provence

5. Change night cream to oil

For skin concerns such as redness, anti-ageing, break-outs and dryness, avoid making your skin work hard at night with a nightcream, and opt instead for a lighter facial oil. Despite the misconception that oils make skin greasy, if applied correctly they are highly effective at soothing and moisturising skin, while also providing barrier protection.

Always make sure your hands are clean before applying anything to your skin, Amanda advises, and avoid touching your face once you've applied your product.

InStyle loves Amanda's Oils of Provence - the perfect treatment for red, sensitive or dry skin, this night oil contains a soothing blend of lavender, eucalytus, sage and bois de rose.

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