David Gandy’s 5 Rules For Looking Hot In The Heat (Spray Tans Included)

How to look as good as Gandy? Just follow his five golden rules for being the hottest bod on the beach...


1. Get Your Tan On

‘I certainly look better with a tan - it’s nice when you go away you’ve got this lovely glow like you’ve just come off the beach. I go to James Harknett at the W Hotel for my spray trans, he’s so lovely and tranquil so he’s always my guy. Well when you’re doing a photoshoot and you’ve got to go from British Winter skin to looking like this Mediterranean guy in a day you need a spray tan!’

2. Get Savvy With Your SPF

‘The English are useless at sun block. Even I’m guilty of it - I was skiing last week and got completely burnt because I used the wrong factor. You’ve got to remember the UV!’

3. Perfect Summer Skin Starts With Serum

‘So many of my female friends complain about their boyfriends stealing their moisturisers, and I’m always like, ‘Oh I totally do that…’.  You steal a tiny bit and then you realise this little pot is about £400 so you’re like ok maybe I won’t be using that again! But men are so useless, they’re happy with a crappy moisturiser.

Really they need to be using a serum but I don’t think anyone’s told them that! I have three steps, a scrub, a serum and a moisturiser and the serum’s is the most important. I’m basically obsessed with SK2 products.’

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4. Wear A Citrus Scent (If You Wanna Get With Gandy)

‘I love a subtle citrusy fragrance on a woman, but not when they wear too much. Sometimes you hug someone and you feel like you’re eating their perfume! I’m very much about subtlety. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue for men, £39, always reminds me of the first time I did a campaign shoot for them. Whenever I wear it, it takes me back to being on a speedboat with Mario Testino on the Amalfi Coast.’


The current #LightBlue campaign for @dolcegabbana w Bianca Balti

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5. Work Out And Eat Lean

‘I’m a gym guy so I normally workout 3 or 4 times a week. If I’m trainng for something I’ll up it to 5 times a week and increase my protein intake. I’m a massive foodie so I cook loads. I’ll get all my friends round for a roast when I’m feeling lazy but otherwise I eat really healthily. I’ll put together loads of salads and I love Asian food.

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I always look at a recipe and swap out the things that taste great like butter and double cream and replace them with healthier alternatives. I was at a friend’s the other day and we had a veggie bolognese and it was so good, I couldn’t even tell there wasn’t meat in it. My mum says I used to hum when I ate as a child because I was so happy and I keep finding myself doing it now!’


Strike a #Selfie for @WMag

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