Charles Worthington Gives Us His Tips On Creating A Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyle

Charles Worthington Gives Us His Tips On Creating A Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyle

For the seventh year in a row, official BAFTA hair stylist Charles Worthington was tasked with creating a number of showstopping hairstyles for last night's red carpet. Here's what to do to get the A-list look at home...

Having spent the day creating BAFTA looks for the likes of Alice Eve, Kara Tointon, Kristin Scott Thomas, Laura Haddock, Sienna Guillory and Romola Garai, we caught up with Charles Worthington after the ceremony to find out the secrets to creating successful red-carpet worthy looks

Know what you're wearing first

'It's very important to see the dress and work with face shape before deciding on a hair style,' Charles told us. 'Once we've done that we can tailor the style to make sure the whole look works together.'

'It's also really important to create something that's going to last. If the celebrity is going to be in rehearsals all day, from early morning until the event, then it might be better that the hair is up. Beyond that though, anything goes.'

It's all about the prep

'Whether you're creating a smooth and sleek look or something spontaneous, it's all about the prep. We used gallons of Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse as well as the Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray at the BAFTAs before we got started on creating the finished looks.

To give hair a lovely bite and texture, we applied mousse straight into dry hair – it gives a much more concentrated effect than using when hair's still wet.

The texturiser is good for creating guts at the root, which is what you want if you're looking for a more spontaneous updo. I love it when hair misbehaves slightly, leaving a couple of strays. I created a sleek centre-parted style for Laura Haddock, but wound a fishtail plait back on itself into a bun for an intricate, slightly messy look.'

Be brave and go for the chop

'The bob is very popular right now, and actually that length of hair is very versatile. You can pin it at the side or back to make it look like it's up, or use extensions if you get bored and want it longer again.
Extensions are so brilliant these days that they're undetectable. I always tell people to be brave and get it cut, knowing that if they want longer hair again, they can get it.' 

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