Mums Know Best: The Best Beauty Advice From Our Mothers

Mums Know Best: The Best Beauty Advice From Our Mothers

Long time face of Chanel, Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily Rose have got us thinking about the beauty mantras we learnt from our mothers.

Under the reign of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Beauty has presented us with some incomparable faces – Nicole Kidman, Kiera Knightley and Giselle to name but a few.  But by far the most classic (and apparently one of Karl’s favourite muses) is the French actress Venessa Paradis, who appeared first in the Chanel perfume ad of 1991.   

When Paradis took her 16 year-young daughter Lily Rose Depp to the Chanel Couture show last week she caused a media storm.  On top of the Paradis/Depp gene pool we can safely assume that two decades of being Chanel’s muse will leave you with some of the best Beauty advice in Paris to pass on to your teenage daughter.

Unfortunately, we can’t all have a designer muse for a mother but that doesn’t mean that your own mum doesn’t have some good advice worth hearing.  Most of us have one or two bits of beauty learning that we have gleaned via osmosis throughout our childhoods.  Whether that’s watching your mum dab lipstick on her cheeks or being told to brush our hair a hundred times before bed to make it shinier and glossier.  Depending on the age of your mother, these tips can vary from the simple to the wonderful to the extremely weird. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites from our friends and colleagues….

Hannah Rochell, InStyle Fashion Features Editor:

“Put a dab of face mask on a spot overnight to draw it out (so you can squeeze it in the morning!)”

Josie Copson, InStyle Beauty Intern:

“My mum always told me to never pluck your eyebrows from above and never put lipstick on in a moving vehicle.”

Anna-Marie Solowij, Cofounder of BeautyMART:

“My mother always recommended egg white to prevent frown lines. You dab it over you forehead and let it dry and it stops the skin from being able to crease. An early form of Botox!”

Isabella Silvers, InStyle Features Intern: 

“Use Toothpaste on burns and oil in your hair”.

Katie Service, InStyle Acting Beauty Editor: 

“My mum uses TCP for everything – her bathroom smells of it all the time!  I now gargle with it when I have a sore throat or mouth ulcers and put it on spots to dry them out.  Mum swears by it.” 

George Driver, InStyle Beauty Assistant: 

“My mother taught me to moisturize from the collarbone up every day – she swears that years of using Olay cream is keeping her face up but I have a feeling it’s her cheekbones….”

Makeup artist Nicola Fivaesh, Facebar London:

“My Mother always used cream blush on the apples of her cheeks, she would never use powder as she knew the power of glowing skin was down to keeping everything dewy and natural looking and her skin always looked radiant!”

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