How To Have The Best Afro Hair Ever By Lupita's Hair Pro Vernon Francois

Everything you need to know to rock the ultimate afro hair direct from the A-list's go-to stylist Vernon Francois...

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When it comes to afro and textured hair there’s a million and one questions we’re dying to know the answer to.

From how to twist your way to perfect waves, to whether there’s any hope of it ever actually growing, we’ve found your four top questions about afro and textured hair (as discovered by the super techy guys in the know, aka Google) and called in hair stylist to the stars and afro and textured hair maestro, the fabulous Vernon Francois, to let us in on everything you need to know to get the best afro hair EVER. Because, when it comes to hair, there’s nothing like a bit of expert input.

And saying Vernon’s qualified for the job is kind of like saying Beyonce’s alright at singing aka a massive understatement.

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Lupita’s go-to stylist for every red carpet event ever, the man behind the Dream Girls’ stage-worthy hair and Golden Globe nominee (and all round babe) Ruth Negga’s right hand man for keeping her super chic crop in check, Vernon’s worked with anyone who’s anyone (did we mention Kerry Washington, Naomie Harris and Aluna George?).

Don’t even get us started on his epic hair products named, naturally, after the man himself. Designed to enhance the natural beauty of curls, coils, kinks and twists without weighing them down, we’re kind of a little bit obsessed. *adds everything to basket*

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Check out the vids below for all Vernon’s tips and tricks to achieving the ultimate sassy hair flick and nailing your best afro hair ever.

Question No. 1: Is It Possible To Make Afro Hair Grow Faster?



’Everyone’s goal is to get longer, thicker, healthy big hair, and I go back to where I started - diet. It plays a huge role. It’s all about managing your expectations. Ask yourself “Why do I want longer hair?”. Longer hair doesn’t suit everyone. I’ve always said “No hair is good hair if it’s not healthy.”’

Question No. 2: What’s The Best Way To Twist Afro Hair?


‘There’s great techniques for twisting and getting great results without using any heat.The art is making sure you get a tight twist because your hair with heat relaxes. Mix some gel with some hair serum, that way you get the hold without the crunchiness, and you get the shine without the flakiness.’

Question No. 3: What’s The Secret To Getting Softer Afro Hair?


‘Look for products without sulphates and ones that deposit more oils on your hair - jojoba oil is a great one, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil are all beautiful as well.’

Question No. 4: What Are The Best Products For Afro Hair?

‘I’ve been using a product that my mum gave me and I still have in my kit, it’s a prized possession actually - Dr Miracle Grow. It’s a good old school product that’s great for sensitive scalps - I massage it into client’s hair before I start any styling.’


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