5 Ways To Get Bigger Lips

5 Ways To Get Bigger Lips

Feeling a bit down in the mouth? Lips looking less then pneumatic? Don’t pout about it. Instead, follow our guide to making the most of your assets

Let’s face it, soft, pillowy lips are at the top of most women’s wish-list, but if your pout is more paltry than Angelina-Jolie-pouty don’t despair, as we’ve found the top 5 ways to boost what mother nature gave you. From collagen-stimulating lip glosses to rather goulish-sounding dermal fat transfers, how extreme you go is down to you. Trout pouts need not apply.

The go-bigger gloss: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump, £10

What it is: A seriously sexy, collagen-enhancing gloss that comes in three shades.
How hardcore?: 1 out of 5
How it works: Formulated with natural plant-oil microcirculation boosters, nano fillers and instant effect visual fillers it self-activates 60 seconds after you apply it.
The ouch factor: None. Wimps rejoice - expect a slight tingling sensation but if it’s serious volume you want we’re afraid it might be a case of no pain no gain.

The va va voom cream: Ioma Lip Lift, £44

What it is: A lip treatment designed to moisturise, plump and contour over time.
How hardcore: 1 out of 5
How it works: A cocktail of potent actives including hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate, ‘Volulip’ to plump and ‘Seacode’ to reduce fine lines and smooth over time.
The ouch factor: None. Just like applying a face cream to your lips.

The dry skin slayer: Bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip-Perfecting System, £34

What it is: A pout polishing gadget to smooth, and perfect
How hardcore: 1.5 out of 5
How it works: Using a custom-designed head which rotates up to 450 times per minute it gently massages to stimulate collagen production and when used in conjunction with the Fabulips sugar scrub, gently buffs away any flakiness and dryness for instantly softer lips.
The ouch factor: None. Feels a bit like running an electric toothbrush over your lips.

The lip plumping laser: Laser Lip Plump at Debbie Thomas, (debbiethomas.co.uk) £100

What it is: A collagen-activating laser treatment that takes 15 minutes and lasts 1-2 weeks
How hardcore: 1.5 out of 5
How it works: The action of the laser (used inside and outside of the lips), activates a healing response (initially in the form of a mild swelling) and stimulates collagen production for a longer-lasting boost.
The ouch factor: Used inside of the lips, it’s totally painless, whilst outside feels a bit like speckles of hot oils being dripped on your skin.

The volume injection: Lip treatment using Juvederm Volbella filler at Fiona & Marie Aesthetics (fionamarie.co.uk), £370

What it is: A dermal filler to enhance the outline or add volume to the body of the lips and lasts up to 10 months.
How hardcore: 4 out of 5
How it works: A product called Juvederm Volbella (a non-animal hyaluronic acid-based non-permanent transparent gel) is injected into the lips themselves or into the fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the lips. Volbella is designed to make the treatment much more comfortable, produces less swelling and give a more natural-looking lip which feels soft as the product integrates into the tissues better than some other fillers.
The ouch factor: Eye-watering. The practitioner will administer a local anesthetic first but there is still a degree of ‘ouch’ depending on how brave you are. Swelling typically lasts a few days whilst bruising can last several weeks.

The fat filler: Lip Augmentation with dermal fat transfer at absoluteaesthetics.co.uk, £1100

What it is: A transfer of fat from one part of the body into the lips
How hardcore: 6 out of 5
How it works: Performed under local anesthetic, a thin strip of fat is taken from the dermis (lower level of the skin) of the abdomen and inserted into the lip through two tiny incisions to create long-lasting, natural-looking volume. As it uses your own tissue there is much less risk of an adverse reaction.
The ouch factor: This is not, we repeat not, for the faint-hearted! We are far too wimpy to try this ourselves but are told that lips will be swollen for several days after the procedure with sutures dissolving in 7-10 days (the fact there are sutures are enough to scare us!)

By Cassie Steer

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