Thinking about facial fillers? This may help you decide...

Thinking about facial fillers? This may help you decide...

How to look your best self in time for summer

Promotional feature with JUVÉDERM®

In an age where we're constantly editing and filtering our photos to give the best possible 'gram, is it any wonder that we want to look our absolute best all the time?

From celebrity contouring to online make-up tutorials, enhancing our natural features has become paramount to achieving our ideal look, which is why women are considering whether JUVÉDERM® facial fillers can help them reach their ultimate beauty goals.

Curious? You aren't alone.

According to a survey conducted by Allergan, the makers of JUVÉDERM®, 38% of the women surveyed said they were considering facial filler treatment, which means an estimated 5,000,000 women in the UK.

‘Beauty is about proportion,’ says expert surgeon and global beauty lecturer Dr Jonquille Chantrey, ‘so it is really important to keep that individual proportion in a face.

This is why it is critical to discuss with your practitioner not just what you want, but to listen to their views on what will suit you.'

‘At the first consultation, it is so important to understand each patient’s individual character, in order to enhance their natural beauty,’ Dr Jonquille Chantrey adds.

An initial consultation with a qualified medical aesthetic practitioner, will help you to understand how you can get the look you want to achieve and which JUVÉDERM® treatments to consider. Whether it's contouring your cheekbones or plumping your lips, the consultation is the first step to discovering which fillers may work for you – with zero commitment.

Jonquille goes on to say, ‘I like to learn which parts of their face they would like to project and which they prefer to conceal, also how they like to use make-up to highlight and contour, or to enhance their features.'

It's also important to remember that JUVÉDERM® products differ from muscle relaxants. Using hyaluronic acid (a substance that naturally occurs in the body) the formula is injected beneath the skin to smooth and plump contours, providing results that last approximately up to 9-24 months, depending on the treatment. This way, you achieve a more natural-looking result without appearing 'frozen'.

Discuss what areas you'd like to focus on with your practitioner ahead of treatment, and ask to see examples of their past work to see the artistry involved.

And if you are all about the celeb-inspo? Dr Jonquille Chantrey is more than familiar with these kind of questions.

'Many patients show me how they edit their pictures to enhance their look, so I know the look they want to achieve,' she says.

'You can’t get the exact same look as a celebrity unless you have the same underlying anatomy, measurements and bone structure as them, but you can look like the most beautiful version of yourself.’

Want to know more? Ask your medical practitioner about a no-obligation consultation today. Visit for more information.

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