Teyana Taylor’s Hair Removal Secret for High-Cut Suits Is Totally Wax-Free

Teyana Taylor’s Hair Removal Secret for High-Cut Suits Is Totally Wax-Free
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If the Baywatch swimsuit changed everything you ever knew about removing hair down there, you’re not alone. The high cut is super flattering by nature, but it also puts your bikini line (and any stray patch of hair or ingrown) on full display. A little more difficult than Pam made it seem, right?

Teyana Taylor clearly has it all figured out, though—or at least that’s what we thought when we saw her walk the Blonds runway in the sexiest electric blue one-piece that’s ever been created. Believe it or not, getting that hairless didn’t require even one drip of hot wax. Her secret? A drugstore item you probably haven’t touched since you were 16.

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"You know what's crazy? I use Veet," Taylor told InStyle at the pop-up #KISSBeautyBar event she hosted in New York City. "I’m going to give you something even better: I’m scared of waxes. Waxes are overrated. All the girls out there that think wax hurts, you don’t have to use wax. You see how perfect it was down there and that was with no wax. That was with Veet."

But her system is a two-parter. After Veet, Taylor reaches for her Schick Intuition razor. "You just wash up and get the remaining hair that Veet didn’t get," she says. "I just go up and down until it's soft. People will razor and then still have stubs so it will grow in quicker. If you razor, up and down, and keeping feeling it until it’s smooth, once you lotion, it’s like a baby's butt."

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Consider Taylor’s methods your next excuse for booking an island getaway.

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