Why Double Cleansing Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Skin

Why Double Cleansing Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Skin
caroline hirons double cleanse

Our beauty editor has been using the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse for a month. Her verdict is in... 

Ask any facialist worth her muslin cloths what the number one route to good skin is and they'll chime 'cleanse.' Their reasoning? If you don't get the make-up, pollution and grime off your face nightly, not only will the free radicals left on your face ravage your skin, but any skincare you subsequently apply doesn't have a shot in hell of getting where it needs to be. 

Despite this cleansing mandate having been around for years, it took skincare guru-cum-blogger-cum-brand consultant Caroline Hirons to impress on her many millions of readers what this means: cleanse twice, or, in Caroline speak, double cleanse. The idea is that the first cleanse takes off surface dirt, the second actually cleans and conditions the skin. 

Despite fans clamouring for products bearing Caroline’s name, she was picky, choosing to release just one product bearing her mantra in collaboration with Pixi last month: Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. The single jar contains two chambers - one is filled with a solid cleansing oil that’s designed to be massaged into dry skin and removed with a damp flannel to clean off make-up gently, the second is a cream that’s infused with vitamin C and peptides to treat the skin and help to improve texture. The idea is that after cleansing, all your have to do is swipe with a toner (see here for our edit of top best toners), and chase that with a good serum

We’ve been putting it to the test for the month and the results are in: we’re completely and utterly sold and you need to go and buy one right now if not sooner. The things that separate this cleansing duo from its peers:

1. It’s not whiffy. If you’re a fan of a pungent unguent you may initially think this is a negative but trust us, your skin will LOVE it - no fragrance = minimal irritation.

2. The one jar travels so easily. Whole face clean and primed for serum thanks to this one little jar. Simple.

3. It does what it says on the tin. Not that we expected anything else from the queen of candid skincare advice, but this jar contains two cleanses for a double cleanse that’ll leave skin clean and happy: no less, no more.

4. It turns out those facialists are right. Cleansing gently and thoroughly nightly leads to fewer spots, more glow, smoother texture.

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