Yes YOU DO Want Great Skin. Our New Skincare Expert Caroline Hirons Has All The Answers

Yes YOU DO Want Great Skin. Our New Skincare Expert Caroline Hirons Has All The Answers
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With over 175k insta followers and an army of fans, the skincare expert is here to revolutionise your skin routine... 

Welcome to our new series beauty expert columns, where you can get advice directly from the best in the beauty industry. We’ve recruited a pretty exciting panel to answer all your most pressing questions, with Caroline Hirons covering skincare, Luke Hersheson on hair, Jillian Dempsey offering up make-up help, and pro manicurist Glenis Baptiste sharing her secrets. To get your questions answered, just tag us on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag of the expert you want to reach - or comment under our Beauty Editor’s Mads About Beauty Facebook posts with the relevant hashtag:

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First up is skincare expert and internet sensation Caroline Hirons, who we’ve tapped up for info on the skin tricks and ingredients you need to know about at different ages. Whether you’re a teenage battling spots or in your mid-thirties and panicking about wrinkles, Caroline will set you on the right track…  

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Q: I’m in my late teens with greasy skin. What should I use to keep skin - and spots - under control? 

Caroline Hirons: "You have the benefit of being able to start a good routine at a lovely early age! Stripping the skin with alcohol is never a good idea, so I would use a very gentle cleansing milk or gel, staying away from SLS. Then begin using an acid at the toning stage; it will help your skin to control the breakouts and cut down the grease. Look for salicylic acid or lactic acid. You don’t need glycolic yet. And then use a light, oil-free moisturiser to finish. Keep it simple, but do it twice a day. Routine is key."

Q: I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m starting to worry about emerging wrinkles. My skin is sensitive so I don’t want to go in too hard, but definitely need to up my game. What should I do?

Hirons: "I’d be interested to know how you define your skin for starters, just to make sure you have sensitised skin, rather than reactive skin. Quick guide: reactive skin can be temporarily intolerant of ingredients, have some redness, and maybe a slight uncomfortable feeling shortly after application. On the plus side, that skin can also react well to ingredients/treatments. For instance, these types of skins can frequently get the best reaction to facials. Sensitive skins will stay red and angry and not tolerate certain ingredients, their skin will stay irritated through most seasons and may be in a constant state of aggravation. 

In general, 25 is a good age to start using an eye cream, and there are plenty of affordable options on the market. If you are sure you are sensitive, I would avoid fragrance and mineral oil when making your choice."

Q: Since turning 34, I look tired all the time with bags under my eyes that don’t go away and wrinkles that are starting to be permanently there - tell me there’s a miracle portion that’ll help! 

Hirons: "There’s no miracle, just a good solid routine and products that you feel you need the most. Aside from the obvious of ensuring you are getting enough sleep, look for a good, solid serum that targets all signs of ageing, rather than trying lots of different ones. Consider starting with a retinol and/or a vitamin c, ideally both. Use the vitamin C in the morning and the retinol in the evenings. And keep up the routine, there are no miracles."

Photographer: Dan Kennedy.

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