Come And Get Your Charcoal On: Our Picks Of The Best Charcoal Skincare To Grab RN

Come And Get Your Charcoal On: Our Picks Of The Best Charcoal Skincare To Grab RN
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Charcoal is pretty much everywhere at the moment: masks, cleansers, toothpaste, and even bottled water. But is it even worth the hype? We investigate...


Charcoal doesn’t exactly look skin-friendly, does it? But - surprisingly - using it for skin-beautifying purposes isn’t some new fad: the variety that’s used in products is known as ‘activated charcoal,’ which is more absorbent than the BBQ variety - and has been a staple in the beauty cupboards of the savvy since the 1500s. 

The key to its efficacy lies in its ability to attach itself to toxins (in fact, it’s so good at doing so, that its been used in hospitals in cases of alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses to help grab toxins in the stomach before they can be absorbed by the blood stream).

On skin, it’ll do similar, attaching itself to impurities which can then be washed away. The beauty benefits go on, and on… and on. If you’re dealing with acne-prone skin, charcoal can effectively cleanse it of excess sebum, dirt, and bacteria, crushing the likelihood of future spots. If large and obvious pores are getting you down, it can tighten them and reduce their visibility. And, for those of you who are panicking about what living in the big smoke is doing to your skin and health, then charcoal can swoop in, detoxifying and rejuvenating a lacklustre complexion. 

The best thing about charcoal is that it’s so versatile, so you an easily customise your products to suit your needs. Apply a charcoal-based cleanser and leave it on for a few minutes for a mini mask, or mix your charcoal face mask with moisturiser if you find it leaves your skin feeling a tad dry when applied neat. Here are our top picks of charcoal skincare that might just change your life…


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