Weird or Wonderful? The New Beauty trend for Floating Ponytails.

Weird or Wonderful?  The New Beauty trend for Floating Ponytails.

You'd be forgiven for thinking there were only a few ways to style up a ponytail. Enter the 'floating pony' (as sported by Rita Ora) and a whole new dimension of hair swishing.

When Rita Ora stepped out last week to collect her BAMBI award in Berlin, Germany, she was accompanied by a rather unusual accessory: a pony tail on a hoop.  This isn’t actually the first time we have seen this obscure hair trend, earlier this year hairstylist Guido Palau sent models down the Dior Couture runway with a similar look.  Palau used plastic Dior hair rings to secure long straight ponytail extensions to the back of sleek futuristic beehives. 


We got in touch with Ken O’Rourke, brand ambassador for Charles Worthington and the man who actually created Rita’s ponytail to ask him what this hair was all about.



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‘I always look to reinvent the ponytail’ says O’Rourke, ‘and it’s always good to put a new take on the classic.  I can definitely see this becoming a trend!  I wanted it to look as if it was a ponytail floating underneath a ponytail.’

Ah, we see! But what about all the bling?  ‘The pony was attached to the chignon with a diamante belt buckle and then bound with a diamante necklace to give it a more polished evening finish.’

So can we do it at home? ‘It’s not the easiest look to recreate on your own’ says Ken, as it takes a few extra hands to do the attachment and then the binding.’  But if in case you are feeling particularly nifty and can rope in an extra pair of hands here is how Ken recommends working it…
Step 1:

Create a centre middle parting and pull hair back into a smooth ponytail using Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse RRP £5.99 to get a slick polished look.  

Step 2:

Make a loop from the middle of the pony and add the diamante buckle securing with an elastic. Braid the rest of the ponytail and secure pins into the top of the chignon.

Step 3:

To create length for the second loop we used a fake ponytail and pinned diamantes just below the loop.

Step 4:

To finish, add Charles Worthington Shine Booster All Over Gloss Spray (£5.99) to create the ultimate sheen and then a quick blast of Charles Worthington Style Setter Brush Out Hairspray  (£5.99) to get rid of any fuzzy flyaways.

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