Stop Everything: Bondi Sands Have Launched a Fake Tan Remover

Stop Everything: Bondi Sands Have Launched a Fake Tan Remover
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Bye-bye streaks and patchy fake tan

We’ve all been there: you rock a fresh fake tan for a few days and feel like J-Lo’s doppelgänger, until dead skin builds up and you’re left with a patchiness that leaves your skin looking uneven. However hard you scrub at it in the shower, it stubbornly sticks to your elbows and knees, leaving you raw and red wondering why you ever bothered with the exfoliator in the first place. I think we can all agree that until now, the struggle to slough away old tan was so real - but thanks to the latest Bondi Sands innovation which sold out on in just 3 hours, we can all ditch the dodgy DIY scrubs.

Their Self Tan Eraser is a total game changer, removing fake tan easily while nourishing your skin with aloe vera, leaving you prepped and ready for a fresh layer of colour. Just apply the foam onto dry skin, massage it in, and leave it to do its magic for five minutes before hopping into the shower. Use a wet wash cloth or an exfoliating glove to help the Eraser along.

If you’re wondering how it works without all the harsh scrubbing, wonder no more: it basically turns the pH of your skin slightly alkaline to help lift the old tan. It works best with fake tan that’s older than three days, but you can use it to sort out a fresh tan that’s collected around problem areas. If you’re someone who centres your beauty routine around a fresh tan-turnover, then this definitely deserves a spot in your cabinet.

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