Here's Why You Need To Start Using Kate Middleton's £11 Wonder Beauty Product

Here's Why You Need To Start Using Kate Middleton's £11 Wonder Beauty Product
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I love it. Miranda Kerr loves it. And rumours are flying that Kate Middleton is a major fan too. Here's why you need to add rosehip oil to your beauty regime now...

Kate Middleton always has perfect skin. But is her lumunious glow really down to just good genes? Not according to US Weekly, who report that Kate's got a not so secret beauty product to thank for her dewy complexion. During her recent royal tour, she's rumoured to have been slathering on Trilogy's Rosehip Oil (her mother Carole is also a huge fan). And guess what, I am too. Here's why you need to try it...

It's great for healing...

High in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that promote the production of what scientists call prostaglandins which are basically hormone like substances involved in tissue healing and regrowth, rosehip oil is brilliant for skin damage. When I had an unfortunate incident with razor that meant I shaved off a chunk of my leg rather than stubble I smeared the unsightly scar I was left with every evening with rosehip oil until it magically disappeared. It's also brilliant for stretchmarks. We bet Kate is slathering it all over her body, not just her face.

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It's a wrinkle fighter...

Rich in both vitamin C and retinoic acid, a form of vitamin A, this combination has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to brighten skin. No wonder supermodel Miranda Kerr and founder of the skincare line Kora Organics is a massive fan. Writing on her blog she says:  'This is without a doubt, a product that every woman should have in her handbag and one that I will continue to use throughout my life. I use this under my moisturiser of an evening and as a makeup remover around my eyes. I also use it more frequently if my skin is particularly dry at any time.' You can even watch her technique for applying the miracle product here:


It's not greasy...

Although it's an oil, it's what known in the industry as a dry oil meaning it penetrates the to the deepest layer of skin so you're left with a matte finish rather than greasy sensation. When my skin is feeling particularly parched I apply it just before bed, either directly to my skin or by mixing it up with my regular moisturiser. By the time I've brushed my teeth it's soaked in meaning I don't wake to find greasy face marks on my pillow. The same goes for hair. Simply massage into the scalp then rinse off in the morning for a glowing mane. It's also perfect for for banishing dry cuticles plus it's a must have for when bearing a bare leg. Just rub a couple of drops on your shins for a natural glowy sheen. See I told you it's the ultimate multi-tasker.

One bottle lasts for ages...

Derived from the seeds of rose bushes mainly grown in Chile, you should try opt for a cold-pressed version for the best quality. Although, it's slightly more expensive as it hasn't been altered by heat it retains more of its nutrients. And as you only need to use a couple of drops at a time, it's definitely worth the investment. When I get to that annoying stage where you can see a tiny bit left at the bottom but not enough to create a full droplet I fill a bath then take off the top of the bottle and rinse it into the water to create my own mini spa experience. We like to think Kate does the same.

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Cold pressed and imported directly from Chile by The Organic Pharmacy this is 30ml of quality premium oil at £38. Buy it here


100 per cent organic at £17.50 for 50ml this one from Neal's Yard is not only highly effective but looks great on your bathroom shelf too. Buy it here


Rumoured to be Kate Middleton's favourite, this one from Trilogy costs £34.50 for 45ml. Buy it here



Infused with neroli, lavender, mandarin plus rose, this oil from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is particularly nourishing at night. Plus it smells divine. At £55 for 50ml. Buy it here

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