Rita Ora And Lily Allen Lead The Charge With Autumn's New Hair Trend: Faded Peach.

Rita Ora And Lily Allen Lead The Charge With Autumn's New Hair Trend: Faded Peach.

All the leaves are brown but your hair should be Peach.

It is certainly the summer of kaleidoscopic hair colour.   We’ve seen Rita Ora with rainbow hair, Jourdan Dunn with grey hair and Kylie Jenner with electric blue hair.  There has been ‘Mermaid hair’, ‘Unicorn hair’ and, of course ‘granny hair’ – those colorists have been busy!

If you thought the colour trend was just pegged to festivals then you’re wrong.  Synthetic hair colours are far less shocking than they used to be.  Nowadays you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if someone walked past you in the street with a pastel or even neon mop.  

So what is the shade for Autumn? The rumor on the hair block is that after a summer of pink obsession (type #pinkhair into instagram), peach is having a moment.

‘We think people are tending to go for more pastel or muted colours as much as they can,’ says Bleach London’s Dalston Salon Manager Sapphire Lewis. ‘Colours like peach and Rosé are sometimes the hardest colours to achieve for certain hair types but this makes them super desirable.’

The muted champagne tones of peach that Lily Allen and Rita Ora have been wearing look as if they were once stronger oranges that have faded out.  They are just one notch of pink above a golden blonde.   Ashy bleach blondes have been so popular for so long, that this slightly ‘off’ warmth feels cool in a so-wrong-its-right way.

According to Lewis it’s all about custom blending hues at home as part of your peach mission.  To achieve natural looking peach and rose gold tones people are learning to add drops of colour into their regular shampoo or conditioner.  Bleach London’s Awkward Peach will turn blonde hair a very orange peach in full concentration but in dilution with conditioner you will get a softer pinkier effect.   The tint will last 8 to 10 washes but there are other products to try too:  L’Oreal Paris Feria Pastels in Peach Punch (a toning condition for hair that is very light already),  Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Pink Pop (A nourishing mask with colour pigments to liven up your hair) and Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy (which will work on highlighted hair as well as pale blondes).



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