Who Is Pat McGrath And What Is #Phantom002 Anyway?

Who Is Pat McGrath And What Is #Phantom002 Anyway?

If you’re not massively into Beauty or make-up then it’s possible you won’t know who Pat McGrath is. Our resident Beauty Geek, sorry, Editor fills you in on everything you need to know.

Pat McGrath.  You’ve likely heard her name A LOT this month and if you haven’t you’re going to.  McGrath is one of the world’s most celebrated fashion make-up artists.  Curator of some of the most famous couture and Ready To Wear looks in the past two decades; she is the real beauty deal.

Remember this?


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Pat McGrath did the make-up.  Oh, and this Prada one too. 



The look at Prada!!xx

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She has worked with everyone from McQueen to Galliano and Maison Margiela. On the commercial side she has also worked with some amazing make-up brands over the years, she has had contracts with Cover Girl, Max Factor and helped to develop make-up lines with Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci.   

Her first foray into her own line of cosmetics was Pat McGrath Labs Gold 001 back in September – an intense, pressed yellow/gold pigment that could be worn wet or dry (and the same one that she used to gilt the lips at the SS16 Prada show).  It was so hotly anticipated that it sold out in 5 seconds flat.   The eyeshadow came packaged in an instagrammable bag filled with gold sequins – pots are now selling on ebay for upwards of £120 a pop.  



I chatted to Pat backstage at Paris Fashion Week: ‘Prada Not in the history of pigments, darling, has there ever been anything like this,’ she beamed, ‘isn’t it major?’  She wiped a small amount of the Gold 001 over the back of my hand and it glowed like real gold leaf.  It was so beautiful and intensely gold that I didn’t want to wash my hand all day – gross, but true.  ‘If a brand were to launch this product it would take them three years to develop.  Me, I can go to the lab myself and get it straight out.’ 



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So what is Phantom 002?  According to Pat’s People it’s a ‘defiantly decadent, eight-piece kit that defies categorization’.   For $240 (yes, you read correctly) you will get 4 pigments that can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks in fuchsia, gold, electric blue and oxblood copper.   Then the kit, launching on the 15th December, contains a black eyegloss, a gel liner and two brushes. Perfect for the ‘punk femme fatale’ says McGrath.



So will she be launching more than eye products?  ‘I’m starting with eyeshadows but I’m not saying any more…’  Hmmm…

Last week McGrath threw a star-studded (or rather top-model-studded) party in New York to launch Phantom 002.  It was basically a massive make-up love-in.  Search the hashtags #Phantom002 and #ComingSoon on instagram to check out the photos.  We’re eagerly awaiting more updates to the range and if you can get your hands on a Phantom 002 kit, treasure it like your own baby, you lucky thing!



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