WOW! No 7 Protect & Perfect gets 5 UVA stars!

WOW! No 7 Protect & Perfect gets 5 UVA stars!

Our favourite anti-ageing moisturiser from No 7 is the first cosmetic product to get 5 UVA stars.

Awarded an extra UVA star, earning it the highest possible UVA protection rating of 5 stars, our favourite anti-ageing moisturiser just got even better.

No 7 Protect and Perfect flew out of the shops in 2007, after a BBC television documentary recommended it for its anti-ageing affects over many other more expensive products. Three years on and it’s been awarded an additional UVA star, making it the first ever cosmetic product with five star UVA protection.


Both No 7 Protect and Perfect, for fine lines and wrinkles, and No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense, for deeper lines and wrinkles have been reformulated to add extra protection against casual and indirect exposure to the sun’s rays.

Boots suggests that 90% of skin ageing is caused by daily exposure to UV rays, and that’s true of the colder seasons as much as it is of those baking summer days.

So keep your skin looking young and protected from the sun with an everyday product that won’t break the bank!

By Sarah Smith



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