Why look good when you can look Perfekt?

Why look good when you can look Perfekt?
Body Perfektion

Reese Witherspoon and co have discovered the secret to perfect-looking skin thanks to the Perfekt beauty range.

You know the drill. You wake up to the news that it's going to be a scorching hot day and you've forgotten to put in the work the night before. No longer is the prep just about fake tan, it's about scrubs, primers, body foundations, the works!

Thankfully the nightmare is over. A delivery of quite possibly the two most ingenious products arrived at InStyle headquarters courtesy of Perfekt. The line has a strong celebrity following, including Reese Witherspoon, Susan Sarandon, Paris Hilton, Nicolette Sheridan, Jennifer Hudson and Vanessa Williams.

The first star product is the Body Perfection Gel designed for legs, décolleté and arms. The three-in-one moisturiser instantly softens the appearance of scars, bruises and stretch marks thanks to a touch of colour and glimmer, making skin feel silky smooth and look incredibly even-toned.

The second is the Skin Perfection Gel for the face. No need for traditional foundation, primer, colour corrector and powder especially in the heat of the summer, this is a multi-tasking product that acts as an invisible second skin with just enough colour to leave it with an airbrushed finish. While imperfections like enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles are disguised, skin is left hydrated and super-soft.

So when time is not on your side, slap on one (or both!) of these new products for celebrity-worth skin and legs.

Perfekt is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols from June 2009.
Perfekt Body Perfection Gel £ 38.00
Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel £44.00

By Zoe Robertson

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