We Imagined What Benedict Cumberbatch Will Look Like As Bowie And It's Amazing

We Imagined What Benedict Cumberbatch Will Look Like As Bowie And It's Amazing

With rumours flying that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to play David Bowie, we check out what BC might look like as the infamous Ziggy Stardust and celebrate the other fabulous men that made make-up look good...

2015's most-hyped about British actor (sorry Eddie Redmayne), Benedict Cumberbatch's latest role has taken a turn for the glamorous, or should we say, glam rock. Rumoured to be playing the legendary David Bowie in the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic, we couldn't help but wonder what BC might look like with a little extra Ziggy Stardust makeup magic...

And we've got to admit, it works! With cheekbones to die for, Cumberbatch's bone structure totally holds up under bleached brows, and those piercing blue peepers were practically made for pink eye makeup. Come on movie makers, you know  it makes sense.

Inspired by Cumberbatch's glam transformation, we've rounded up of the top men joining the Starman in their quest to take makeup mainstream...

Adam Ant

When 80's New Romantic rocker Adam Ant stormed the stage wearing black eyeliner, a white stripe across his face and some well placed cheekbone stripes, he pretty much invented contouring (and possibly the most recreated costume for hipsters everywhere). Step back Kim K, Adam's got us sorted.

Grayson Perry

Instantly recognisable, artist Grayson Perry's bold, doll-like makeup is the perfect finishing touch to his infamously outlandish dresses. And let's be honest, we don't know anyone else who rocks a turquoise eyeliner brow and ultra-long lash combo quite like him.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Ok, so he's not technically real, but his beaded pirate dreads meets guyliner is definitely a thing. Making a smoky eye ok for men everywhere, Captain Jack Sparrow shows how to do the Russell Brand smudge the right way.

Luke Steele

Empire Of The Sun's epic frontman, Luke Steele, is Australia's answer to glam rock meets spaceman mixed with a dash of Cleopatra. A classic look, we reckon. Working a seriously winged cat-eye, a bright blue mono-brow and one hell of a gold crown, Luke's makeup game is strong (and much neater than our own attempts at an eyeliner flick).

By George Driver

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