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Here's 4 reasons why Gisele's new Chanel No 5 film is our favourite yet

Chanel has premiered it's new No 5 campaign, The One That I Want, and it's as beautiful as we'd hoped it would be. But then, with Gisele in front of the camera and Baz Luhrmann behind it, it wasn't exactly ever going to be a trial to watch, was it? Here's 4 reasons we love it.

Surfing skills
While we loved watching Nicole Kidman twirl about on a rooftop in the last Chanel No 5 ad, we really love that the opening of this advert doesn't include something typically girly. Gisele riding a massive wave on a surfboard? Yes, Chanel.

The soundtrack
There's no talking in this advert, as you will hear when you watch it. What there is though, is a sultry cover version of Grease favourite, You're The One That I Want (hence the advert's title). It will give you goosebumps. 

Gisele's body
A sea soaked Gisele nonchalantly undoing her Chanel swimsuit? A leg-flashing gold sequinned mini dress? We defy you not to be jealous of the Brazilian beauty's bod.

The make-up
We love that Gisele is fresh faced and windswept while she surfs, rather than having a full face of make-up and pretending that mascara and red lipstick don't smudge in the sea. But we also love her as a Sixties siren with perfectly applied liquid eyeliner and a simple nude lip. She doesn't half brush up well, does she?

By Olivia Marks

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