Vivienne Westwood and Lush team up to combat climate change

Vivienne Westwood and Lush team up to combat climate change

Beauty gets political as Vivienne Westwood and Lush team up to launch climate revolution

While sales fever sweeps the high street, Lush and Vivienne Westwood have teamed up to convince customers to help them fight for a sustainable future.

This month 104 Lush stores will encourage shoppers to petition, act and protest to their Climate Revolution.


Of her new partners eco-friendly ethos, Vivienne Westwood says: “I was impressed by Lush – it’s run like a family business with the earth and its people as the priority."

Hilary Jones, Ethics Director for the handmade cosmetics company says: "“All of us - individuals, businesses, institutions and governments - need to find ways to minimise our impact so that when we are gone, the planet remains for the next generation."

"Never before has a generation held sway over the very future existence of our planet and we need to face up to that and take responsibility,” she elaborated.

The revolution will be held in stores until 7 January 2013, so head to your nearest branch to get involved.

Find out more about Lush Cosmetics on their Twitter page.


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