VIDEO: The Secret To Kim Kardashian's Perfect Ponytail Is Genius

VIDEO: The Secret To Kim Kardashian's Perfect Ponytail Is Genius

Want to achieve Kim's super-sleek pony? It's easier than you might think…

We've already heard so many tips for achieving Kim Kardashian's signature waves, but now the glamorous star is revealing how her hairstylist, Michael Silva, pulls her strands back into a flawless, sleek ponytail that is guaranteed to last all day.

It might sound easy, but if you think you know how to sculpt the perfect pony, think again.

On Kardashian's website Silva revealed that his secret to keeping each ponytail strand smooth and in place for hours is to spritz hairspray throughout small sections, before pulling it all up.

Make your ponytail EVEN better with a strand-smoothing hair serum

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This technique will keep layers in their place much longer than just a splash of spray after tresses are secured.

So what's his trick for keeping those annoying flyaways from popping up near your elastic? Grab small sections and smooth each piece in a few strokes with a flat iron.

Press play for a sneak peek at how the pro does it, and be sure to unlock Kardashian's world by downloading her app...

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