Video: The Amazing Beauty Advice That Actually Works (And That's An InStyle Promise)

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Beauty woes, begone. We've whittled down the best beauty advice we've ever heard that's are guaranteed to leave you looking and, more importantly, feeling beautiful...

Stumped over making your eyeliner symmetrical or flummoxed over your flat hair? Well look no further as we bring you our 2014 beauty advice extravaganza.

In conjunction with our November issue’s ‘Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard’ special, we’ve decided to share some of the tips, tricks and how-to’s that we’ve learnt along the way with a little help from our ‘friends’ (Dr Who’s Jenna Coleman and hair guru Luke Hersheson are just a couple of our illustrious vloggers). 

Of course being offered advice is all well and good but whether it’s worth listening to – now that’s a different matter (our beauty director may take issue with a rather ill-advised spot-busting treatment that resulted in a trip to her local GP aged 14). But we solemnly swear that ALL the following tried-and-tested tips will only have the glorious side-effects of glowing skin, good hair days and perfect pouts (especially if you’re looking for your perfect red lippy).

So beauty notes at the ready, looking good is just a quick away...

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