Learn The Secrets Of The Victoria’s Secret Model’s Beach Bodies

Learn The Secrets Of The Victoria’s Secret Model’s Beach Bodies

They’re the limbs that provoke envy in women the world-over (and let’s face it defy the laws of gravity too). Here the ‘Angels’ reveal how they get into shape for the holiday season...

Ok we admit it, short of growing five inches taller and possibly changing our parentage, the notion of cultivating a Victoria’s Secret model beach body may seem a little out of reach for many of us. But it’s not all juice diets and good genes you know, as we found out when we caught up with the girls who shared their top (rather do-able) diet and fitness tips in the count-down to donning their bikinis

Lily Donaldson:

“If  I’m going on a beach holiday or have a big underwear or swimwear shoot coming up I’ll start to be a bit healthier a few weeks before – nothing too crazy – I’ll just skip the burgers, drink lots of water and try and be more active. I’m not a gym person at all as I’m just no good at cardio - when it starts to hurt I just stop - but I do love pilates as it makes you feel really strong and swimming is one of the best things you can do. I had a horseriding accident and to rehabilitate I had to do lots of swimming and I’ve never felt so good - I found I actually got really fit as it works on everything. It’s also something that you can carry on when you’re on holiday and it doesn’t feel like work.

Oh, and also doing planks. I wouldn’t say I’m great at it – 2 minutes is probably my max - but a top tip is to stick your ipad underneath you and watch something as it kind of distracts you. I’m not suggesting you watch a whole episode of Breaking Bad or anything but it’s a good distraction.”

Adriana Lima:

“I start prepping for the VS show about a month and a half beforehand but you can apply the same rules before a holiday. I do lots of cardio every day like boxing and jumping rope and generally try to get as much working out into my routine as I can.

I eat a lot of protein and green vegetables and I always take supplements like Omega-3, and a multivitamin which contains a bunch of things from vitamin B12, to antioxidants and zinc.
Failing all that get like a self tan as you always look more toned when you're tanned.”

Elsa Hosk:

“If I have a bit of time I’ll just stay in New York and try and fit in as many workouts as I can. Then I might try and go somewhere on the weekends like Miami to get a little colour beforehand.

It’s a myth that us models don’t have cellulite - I know I certainly do! It’s just that at shows like Victoria’s Secret they put so much makeup on us and we work out and get massages etc so it maybe doesn’t look like we have. Lymphatic massages are great. I have them regularly for cellulite and they really work.

If I had less time to get in shape I would just stick with protein and veggies and try to cut out anything processed. It’s kind of what I did for the show. I’ve been cheating here and there but you have to go a little more intense and mix in some high intensity cardio with strength training to shed fat and tighten up."

Jourdan Dunn:

“I’m the worst person to talk about this stuff because I don’t do anything really in terms of health and fitness. Some of the other girls’ regimes are kind of intimidating!

In the last couple of weeks leading up to the VS show I tried this thing called Barrecore, because I was tired of not doing anything. It’s like a mixture of ballet, Pilates, yoga and cardio. It was really good but it’s so intense - your legs are shaking and you’re doing squats on your tippy toes but then you feel good afterwards so it’s definitely something I’d continue with if I felt I needed to get into shape.

I generally eat pretty well anyway so I don’t ever feel like I need to put myself on a diet or do juicing or any of that rubbish. Juicing sounds like my worst nightmare.”


Isabeli Fontana:

“I’m not big on exercise. Of course I work out but not as crazy as some of the other VS girls who work out every day, I’m just not like that. If I worked out as much as they do I would get tense in the shoulders and it doesn’t look good when I walk on the runway. If I need to shape up, I drink a lot of fluid, especially water, and I try not to eat as many heavy dinners as I usually do, because I love food - especially dinners. Instead, I’ll eat lots at breakfast such as omelettes, a little less for lunch and then for dinner I’ll just have a mixed salad using the darkest leaves (they’re the best for you and help get rid of the fat off your abdominals) and then very little carbs.

Saying that, I think it’s important to have some carbs in your diet otherwise you won't have any energy - I did a crazy diet once and I became totally stupid and couldn’t think properly, it was awful. I always take aloe vera capsules as they’re great for anti-aging and sun damage."

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