Victoria Beckham: InStyle Goes Behind The Scenes With Her Best Friend

Victoria Beckham: InStyle Goes Behind The Scenes With Her Best Friend
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Here's what happened when InStyle met Victoria Beckham's BFF and hairstylist to the stars, Ken Paves...

David Beckham isn’t the only man who knows Victoria Beckham inside out, her BFF and hairstylist Ken Paves can tell you a few things about the British designer, too.

All good, that is, as we found out when we sat down with him recently.

Talking to InStyle about his ambassador role with Colour Wow, a product he trusted on the Victoria, by Victoria Beckham runway this season, Ken let us in on a few secrets to Posh Spice’s signature tresses.

‘The Victoria, by Victoria Beckham collection is an amazing collection for the modern girl, and I think what’s really modern for hair is undone glamour. I don’t think the polished look of yesterday is really relevant,’ Ken told us.

‘So we took the Colour Wow products and we washed the hair for the most unbelievable, smooth texture, conditioned it and let it air dry, using just a little bit of the pop and lock on the ends of the hair.’

With no shortage of A-list clients to keep him busy, including Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Kerry Washington, Ken names VB as ‘[his] hair inspiration’.

Ken Paves poses with Colour Wow products

‘We’ve been working together for a very long time, since she had very short hair, to all the lengths in between and now even longer hair. Everything we’ve done, I’ve just loved how sophisticated and undone it’s looked. She’s very inspiring to me.’

With Ken kindly touching up our grown-out roots with Colour Wow’s root cover up, he revealed more about Victoria’s infamous ‘POB’.

Could the ‘undone pob’ become a thing? Ken says: ‘That could be fun, I’ll never say never.

‘The great thing about Victoria is one of those women who lives in the moment of fashion and is always evolving. So I definitely don’t think this is the last hairstyle she’ll ever have.'

We live in hope. To which he told us: ‘She’s the queen of evolution.’

Check out the full Colour Wow collection online now.

By Jessica Bridgeman

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