Twilight beauty range has launched

Twilight beauty range has launched

The mega successful vampire film sage has unveiled two brand new beauty lines

Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight are the two brand new beauty ranges inspired by the blockbuster hit Twilight book and film series.

Luna Twilight reflects the mood and spirit of the much-loved books. Its gold and translucent packaging signifies the light coming through the darkness, which represents Edward's love for Bella and the obstacles that stand between them.

The aptly named products include, Moonshadow eyeshadow, Femme Fatale lip gloss, Just Bitten staining balm and Mortal Glow bushing crème - all designed to give a flawless edgy but beautiful look.

The Volturi Twilight range was inspired by the upcoming second film in the Twilight saga New Moon.

The Volturi, known as vampire royalty, represent the largest and most powerful coven in the Twilight world. This beauty range features the Volturi crest in the centerpiece and logo of the brand.

The Volturi range includes Crown metallic mascaras, glitter eyeshadows, Immortal liquid body shimmer, Twilight Venom, which stains lips blood red and First Light body glow, a gorgeous body illuminator.

Unfortunately these amazing products are only available in America, so unless you are planning a trip across the big pond (in which case could you get us some?) then we are going to have to wait until the Twilight Beauty range comes to England.

But, if you did want to check out the entire range, its online at

In other Twilight news, as if you need reminding, New Moon will be hitting cinema screens nationwide on 20 November.

That's only three weeks!

By Georgie Hindle

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