Twiggy is the new face of Olay

Twiggy is the new face of Olay
Olay Definity

The 1980s saw Twiggy as the face of the Oil of Ulay campaign and 25 years on the model is back, appearing fresh faced in the new Olay advert.

After almost a quarter of a century, eternally youthful Twiggy,  returns as the new face of beauty brand Olay.  Looking younger than ever, model Twiggy is to appear in Olay’s new Divinity anti-aging product advertisement.  

Twiggy, whose first claim to fame came after been spotted by modeling boss Nigel Davies at the age of 16m then a school girl by the name of Lesley Hornby, was quick to hit the global fashion world, appearing on billboards around New York, sporting a boyish look, long eyelashes and Mary Quant clothes. Her long lasting appeal has seen her recently in the latest Marks and Spencer advertising campaign.

Sarah Clark, spokesman for Olay Definity commented: "We were thrilled to welcome Twiggy back to the brand. She is a true beauty icon who continues to be an inspiration to millions of women across the UK."

Twiggy who admits to striving to maintain a youthful look as she grows older (indeed she's a true beauty inspiration to all of us!) quite openly remarks, 'I'm grateful for my lines of wisdom. Of course, there are days when I think: "Oh my gawd, I look a bit tired". But I can pull it together if I have to.' And she has certainly managed to achieve just that. Twiggy who will be turning sixty in September, appears radiant and also yes...perfectly wrinkle free!

By Beatrix Zwart

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