Time for beauty with Mary Greenwell: Cindy Crawford's perfect pout

Time for beauty with Mary Greenwell: Cindy Crawford's perfect pout

Mary Greenwell lets us into the secret of how she got Cindy Crawford's lips looking lush for the world premiere of Fantastic Mr Fox

I have spent the last two days with my friend, Cindy Crawford. She was in London for the premier of Fantastic Mr. Fox, starring George Clooney as well as hosting a party for OMEGA watches.

Doing make-up for movie premieres can be tricky as you must look as good two hours later as on arrival.

Your make-up, if well applied, will hold up, but lip colour will always need to be retouched. You need a fashionable shade that's easy to apply, and with rich creamy coverage so it holds up to the glare of the camera bulbs.


Best are pigment-rich formulas in slim packaging. My favourite is Serum de Rouge by Christian Dior. There are eight luminous colours from nude to red, containing lip treatment and SPF 20.

Cheaper options are Maybelline from Boots, and ELF, which can be bought online at eyeslipsface.co.uk. Just sweep these on as you would your lip gloss - it can even be done in the dark!

The slimline packaging gives you control that an ordinary lipstick bullet does not. If your lip colour looks refreshed, your whole make-up will look freshly applied, so while you might be gasping for a drink after a long movie, your mouth will look luscious and quenched!

Mary Greenwell

Mary's little philosophy for the week

No matter what your skincare regime at night, make sure you ALWAYS use a good lip balm. This will help your mouth to stay fuller, softer and so much more comfortable, especially thoughout the drying winter months.


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