Time for beauty with Mary Greenwell

Time for beauty with Mary Greenwell
Katherine Jenkins photographed by Mary Greenwell

Mary Greenwell is our guest beauty expert and will be giving us her beauty tips and tricks every week. Today she reveals the best mascara she's discovered to use on her celebrity clients, among them, opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

I had the pleasure of being backstage at the Proms in the Park where my dear friend, Katherine Jenkins, was performing. Katherine asked me if I would be with her to do her make-up for the event.

I love working with Katherine and always try to be with her whenever I can, whether it's LA, Italy or even Hyde Park.

Any star of the stage will tell you that when you're up there under the bright lights it's important your eyes look as striking as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with mascara.

I've discovered a mascara that beats every other mascara when it comes to volumising at the roots of the lashes. It's the vibrating mascara by Estee Lauder; TurboLash. It's just fabulous.

The little vibrating action really helps the mascara to cover the entire length of the lash, giving the biggest lash effect ever. It even works brilliantly on false lashes, blending your real and fake together perfectly for a truly theatrical effect.

Try it. It tickles at first, but you'll love it!

Mary's little philosophy for the week:

The sun still penetrates through the clouds even though summer is over... Keep using your sun screen to protect against those harmful rays.

Mary Greenwell

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