The New Kardashian-Approved Make-Up Method You NEED to Know About

The New Kardashian-Approved Make-Up Method You NEED to Know About
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3D tanning is catching on in a BIG way…

When your tried-and-true contouring method just isn't cutting it, rest assured that you can always try your hand at 3D tanning to switch things up.

Developed by makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who has worked with just about every Kardashian sister, and Cocoa Brown tanning founder Marissa Carter, the technique can be comparable to an all-over body contour—face included—but with longer-lasting results that won't immediately wash off in the shower.

'It's all about sculpting the body to add silhouettes and luminosity to the skin,' Bonelli tells InStyle.

'It's called 3D tanning because there are three steps and three tools: the Cocoa Brown 1-Hour Mousse, Cocoa Brown Matte Bronzing Gel to contour the face, and the Golden Goddess to highlight. I use the technique on my clients all the time, and it's so easy to do at home.'

Just as you would with self-tanner alone, Bonelli recommends first exfoliating your body, and prepping your face with a mask beforehand. Follow by picking up a mitt and blending a self-tanner all over your body—Bonelli loves Cocoa Brown's 1-Hour Tan Mousse, £7.99 —and allow it to dry completely.

With a foundation brush, use a bronzing gel like the Instant Tan Matte formula ($10;, and apply the product over the top of the forehead, tip of the nose, and down the sides of the cheeks where the sun would naturally hit.

'A big mistake some people make is contouring too low. Add the browning gel on the cheekbone, then highlight above it,' Bonelli advises. 'Don't cake it on. Less is really more and you can build up the intensity with each layer.'

To finish, use a body illuminator like the Golden Goddess Dry Shimmer Oil, £9.99, on your cheekbones, collarbone, temple, and down the middle of your arms and legs.

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