The New Beauty Site That's Got Us Hooked (Be Prepared To Lose Days)

The New Beauty Site That's Got Us Hooked (Be Prepared To Lose Days)

Remember when you first discovered Candy Crush and wished for a longer commute just so you could reach the next level? Well get ready to become goggle-eyed once more, but this time it's beauty that's the sweet stuff.

If you're among the millions of women who've ever typed into Google phrases like 'best moisturiser for oily skin' 'best eye cream for dark circles' or even 'what is a serum?' you'll know the results come in their thousands and are usually baffling.

Powder is simple. It's a cosmetics match-maker that uses a space age robot to pair you up with your ultimate beauty soulmate and it's totally addictive. You put in what sort of person you are, your skin tone, what type of product you're after and most importantly what you want it to do for you. Then by sheer beauty wizardry it comes back to you with your ideal partners in a range of price brackets, along with how to use them. You can click to buy them straight away or keep them in your Beauty Drawer for later.

Just like Facebook, the Beauty Feed is constantly being updated so guaranteed you'll be waiting for a train and find yourself checking out articles on eating your way to better skin and how to pick the perfect red lipstick. It's brand new so new stuff is being added all the time and we can't wait for make-up and haircare categories to get in the mix.

The best bit is finding products specifually matched to you so a bit like the thrill of Tinder, only you don't end up losing your faith in the male population.


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