The HOTTEST new A-list nail trend you have to try

The HOTTEST new A-list nail trend you have to try

Check out the glitzy new nail colour technique by Minx taking celebrities by storm

When we spotted Rihanna, Beyonce and Lily Allen sporting dazzling metallic nails recently we wondered where they got them from and now we know.

The three fashionistas have been swept up in the new nail craze taking the fashion world by storm and it has just arrived in London (lucky for us).

Minx nails, the geniuses who have developed this technique, have just launched this revolutionary product in Selfridges, which guarantees to keep nails chip free for up to two weeks.

So how do they do this, you ask? Minx provides a strip of flexible film with a sticky back, which is heated up under-infra red light and then applied to each nail.

The film instantly covers the nail with no smudging, chipping or waiting about for them to dry.

There is also a massive selection of colours and patterns to choose from, however we are loving the metallic gold and silver colours, perfect for the party season.

Sound pretty perfect? We thought so.

Head down to Groom London on the ground floor of Selfridges to try out this incredible new nail technique.

Half an hour and £35 later, your nails will never be the same again.

By Georgie Hindle

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