The Beauty Review: K Fusion by L'Kerabelle at ColourNation

The Beauty Review: K Fusion by L'Kerabelle at ColourNation

We headed to ColourNation to try out the newest and kindest hair smoothing treatment yet…

When it comes to hair taming, finding a treatment that takes care of wild and unruly locks without leaving them limp and lifeless can sometimes feel a little Mission Impossible. Enter the newest word in hair smoothing treatments: K Fusion by L'Kerabelle, the treatment that tames your locks without zapping the life out of your them.


Created by D&L Hair, K Fusion is the new alternative to the Brazilian blow dry.  A keratin-rich treatment, it promises frizzy hair sufferers a new lease of life by leaving tresses silky and smooth. And, unlike the Brazilian blow dry, K Fusion remains 100% formaldehyde free - meaning no strong chemical reactions and no eye-watering fumes to contend with while you wait for the hair magic to happen.

We headed to London salon ColourNation to test the treatment, where our stylist - a self-confessed K Fusion addict - showed us how after a year of sustaining the smoothing treatment (it's recommended users get it re-done every 6-12 weeks), she's been left with a silky, glossy, but natural looking mane. We were hooked.   


The proecdure begins with a thorough cleansing with clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up, before the treatment is smoothed on and combed through from root to tip. The product is left to develop for around 30-40 minutes, depending on the thickness and stubbornness of your natural hair texture, before it's rinsed out and hair is blown dry. Finally, straightening irons are then used to set the product and thoroughly iron out and lock down any kinks in your hair's cuticle.

In terms of aftercare, hair must be left untouched and unwashed for 48 hours, before only sodium-free products must be used - or risk quickly breaking down the keratin and not gaining the full effects of the procedure.


The effects of this treatment are not dramatic - if you're after a total departure from your natural hair, then this is not the procedure for you. As we were reminded, this treatment aims to smooth hair, and is not to be confused with permanent hair straightening techiques. However, the promised results were delivered. 

Our hair was left much smoother than we were accustomed to; ordinarily thick and rather unruly, our natural wave remained but without any of the difficult, unmanageable frizz. Hair styling time was dramatically cut-down - gone was the daily dependence on straighteners, as a quick blow dry was all that was needed to leave hair looking as though it's always been pleasantly tame and effortlessly silky. 

For all beauty lovers who want to simplify their morning routine and wake up looking as though they've been naturally blessed with a non-frizzy mane, then this treatment is highly recommended. Not only is it made with a super-caring formula (suitable for all hair types, whether dyed, treated or virgin), K Fusion by L'Kerabelle boasts long-term smoothing effects - the keratin strengthens the hair follicle, meaning that, much like waxing, the more loyal you stay to the treatment the better your end result. When it comes to hair treatments that actually work, with absolutely no damage or side effects, there's no doubt that we're converted. 


Book a K Fusion by L'Kerabelle hair smoothing treatment at (prices start at £135), or head to for K Fusion aftercare shampoos and conditioners.  

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