The Beauty Review: Armani Privé's bespoke boutique

The Beauty Review: Armani Privé's bespoke boutique

Find a perfume that oozes elegance and luxury at the new Armani / Privé bespoke boutique at London’s Selfridges.

We are perfume aficionados on the InStyle beauty desk. We love nothing better than debating notes and accords, scent trends and perfume wardrobes.


So imagine our excitement last month when news broke that Giorgio Armani was opening a fragrance boutique at London’s Selfridges. We immediately volunteered to some on-the-ground reporting work to discover this premium beauty emporium.


A far cry from regular perfume counters, the Armani / Privé boutique is the epitome of modern sophistication. Think haute couture meets fragrance.


Forget keen associates spraying mists of perfumes as you pass by. Here, you immediately step into a world of luxury where discreet yet expert assistance is de rigueur.

It is without a doubt the right destination if you’re shopping for premium and exclusive beauty products (as there is more than scents in life after all) but also if you are simply trying to find a scent that feels unique.

The Armani / Privé scent collection is as close as you can get to made-to-measure fragrance. Originally created for his closest friends, each scent in this collection of private fragrances contains a grand total of fifteen pure ingredients no less. To put this into perspective, the average perfume counts fifty to one hundred different materials so if you are watching your pennies, rest assured that you are paying for high quality.

Armani Privé's bespoke boutique

We spent a little more time than expected reporting as there was so much to discover (yes, we confess the boutique somehow became our ‘luxury playground’) but if you are dreaming of a holiday in far-fetched sunny shores, you will love the latest addition to the collection, Myrrhe Impériale, £190.

It is opulent with myrrh and saffron and warming with sensual vanilla. The perfume bottle is so stylish you will feel like you own that Armani Privé gown.

The Armani / Privé boutique is at London’s Selfridges. Check out for opening times.

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