The Beauty App That Will Change The Way You Buy Make-Up

The Beauty App That Will Change The Way You Buy Make-Up
L'Oréal Paris

The way we test and experiment with make-up is about to change thanks to a new beauty app from L’Oréal Paris called MakeUp Genius.

It’s Friday, you’re on your lunch break and you’ve ducked into the nearest beauty counter to find THE most flattering lippie for your date that evening. Matte or gloss? Cherry or brick? One by one you slick each of the testers on. Now ladies, take note - it’s a ritual that is set to be as outdated as a spiral perm, thanks to L’Oréal Paris' MakeUp Genius.

It’s the first ever virtual make-up tester and has just recently crossed the pond (it launched in the US first natch) and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s how it works: You use your smartphone as a mirror to see how products look on you in real time. This means you can move about and the makeup will move with you. Genius huh? Want to see if spring’s graphic blue eyeliner flick works for you? Simply try it on and turn your head from side-to-side to check it out from every angle. Will it crinkle at the corners of eyes when you smile? Give a big grin and see what happens. Not quite sure which shade of blusher looks most natural? Well now you’ll know without ever setting foot into a Boots.

If it sounds to good to be true, we get it. At first, we were convinced it was like the other myriad of beauty apps out there that use your picture to morph your face into a work of beauty art. BUT, the difference with MakeUp Genius is that it banks on real-time facial tracking and you’ll be able to really see product textures (so if it’s cream, powder or matte) not just colours.  It’s all down to the over ten years of research and technology taken from major Hollywood studios. It can capture 64 facial points and a whopping 100 expressions in (bear with us) over 400 different lighting conditions. Oh and you can also purchase your favourites with a few taps of your finger swot up on your make-up skills thanks to the expert tutorials. Mind. Blown.

L’Oréal Paris MakeUp Genius App is available from the App Store for iphone and ipad

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